Thursday, June 19, 2008

Updates and do they make baby dental floss?

Okay, I haven't written here in a long time, but I don't even know if anyone reads this haha. I've been a bit slack, what with my MySpace addiction and my new found love for cheesy time-management type online games where you are a person working as a server or a hotel manager or fashion designer and the like. I get bored after the kids are in bed, what can I say? I thought I'd start with updates on the kids:

She will be 5 months old Saturday. She's getting so big! We missed the very first time she rolled over a few weeks ago, we were all sitting down to dinner, and we usually put Brenna in her bouncy chair or lay her on a blanket on the floor next to one of us while we eat. Well this particular evening we had her on the blanket, and we were waiting for Nathan to spit out a sentence (he repeats himself mid sentence constantly, for example "Once....Once....a long time ago.....Once a long time ago, at mah-mah and pa-pa's....once, at mah-mah and pa-pa's house.." you get the picture), when we heard Brenna let out this annoyed little grunt. Steve looked over and saw her on her tummy, grunting and trying to crawl. He said "Oh look, her first roll over, and we missed it!" haha So I said "No we didn't, if we didn't see it, it didn't happen" and flipped her back over to see her do it again. She immediatly flipped back over and I said "Aww, look, honey, she just rolled over!" We had a good laugh. Now the thing won't stop flipping over, it's an Olympic event to change a diaper now! She can push herself a good 3 inches now on the floor, which is funny to watch, because she gets frustrated and lets out these really funny cries and grunts like she's pissed, but she has a huge smile on her face. She has also been getting into fights with this thing that is attached to her foot that's keeping her from easily putting it into her mouth (that would be your leg, sweetie!), and she fusses at it all the time. She has been laughing alot too, not just little giggles here and there, full on belly laughs (I guess my rendition of the Gummy Bear song is a bit humorous lol).

Still smart as a friggin' whip. She's been a bit jealous of the baby, but I've been getting her to help me with things, like she HAS to help put the bottle together (we have those Dr. Brown's ones with that weird contraption in the middle and she puts that and the top on), and she loves to put powder on the baby when we change her diaper. I put Brenna down for a nap the other day, and Ellaina got two of her baby dolls (she has like, 5 of them, she got them from different people for her birthday lol) and she layed them on the floor and said "Shh, mama, baby sleep". After I threw up a little from her being so damn cute, I gave her a blanket and wrapped one of the babies up and said "There you go", and she grabbed a towel and wrapped the other one up and said "There go". She also loves to feed them their fake bottles and she gets me to put a diaper on her stuffed cat, Meow-Meow, so she can push him in her toy stroller. She's also great at telling her older brother and the cat "No" and "stoppit". She tells the cat to "gitdown" when he jumps on the table, and when I tell Nathan "No", she says "No, Sathan (that's how she says it, though sometimes it sounds like Satan haha), stoppit". :-)

Still the same ol' Nate. Though since he's been hanging out with his biological mother and his other half sister, he's gotten this attitude, like he doesn't have to listen to us, me especially. *sigh* Being a step-mother is hard, especially when your step-son loves his mother, but you secretly know how horrible of a person she is, and how much threatening we had to do to get her to pay child support and even see him on a regular basis. His other half-sister is mean to him, and then in turn, he's mean to Ellaina. I don't really know what to do about the situation, because there's no talking to this woman, she just does whatever and lets others raise her kids (her daughter lives with her grandparents...right next door to where her mother lives. WTF?) But ANYWAYS lol, we had an awkward moment tonight, I was giving Nate and Elle a bath after playing outside, and when I went to wash between his legs, he popped a little woody (nooo! haha), and it happened again when I was drying him off. I didn't even get near it, I washed his leg and it happened! It wouldn't be so bad except lately he's been telling me "Ashwee, my penis is pointing up and it's supposed to be pointing down!" (thanks to the mother in law for teaching him the word "penis" at age 2 lol) I just keep saying "That happens, ask Daddy about it", and then Steve gets giggly, because how do you tell a 4 year old about erections? lol It can't be done, and I don't want to get that parent/teacher note about my son telling his classmates in K4 about erections haha.

So that's about it for now. I'll think of more later. :-)