Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We Have Now Entered The Terrible Twos!

Literally, like 3 days ago, Ellaina, who has been an absolute angel up until this point, has decided that it's time to enter the phase all parents dread: the terrible twos. She has been way more emotional that usual, freaking out over things like not getting the right color vitamin, or not drinking from the right cup. But that's not the worst part: my little princess of personal hygiene now refuses to take a bath.

She used to LOVE baths. She would live in the tub if I let her. But two days ago, I told her "It's time to take a bath!" and she looked at me and said "No, no anee-mor-baf!". I asked her if she wanted a bubble bath, and she responded "No, anee-mor-bubble-baf!" and crossed her arms and furrowed her brow, which I have to admit, is quite funny. I had to take a bath as well, so I started running the water and tried to convince her to join me, but she refused and proceeded to freak out for about half an hour. I went ahead and took my bath, hoping that she might change her mind, but she kept yelling at me to "git out! git out mama!", so I had to have Steve close the door and she kicked it and screamed until I was finished. When I got out of the bathroom, she was a blotchy, snotty, wet mess (she gets blotchy red spots on her face when she cries hard). I asked her if she wanted a bath, and she said "yes" in a small voice. I started to run some more water, and she started in again "NO! NO ANEE-MOR-BAF!" and ran away. I gave up. I finished getting ready and let her pitch her fit because when a child gets to that point, you can't rationalize with them and you have to let them work it out on their own until they calm down. At one point, she had taken her pull-up off and I tried to get her to put on another one, but she wouldn't have it, and for about 5 minutes, pitched a fit naked in the hallway, yelling "no anee-mor-baf! no anee-mor-pullpit!" (which is how she says "pull-up", "pullpit"). Finally she calmed down and got dressed, so I decided to let the issue lie until the next day.

Yesterday, same thing. She didn't pitch a tantrum, but she refused to take a bath. Well today, she's getting one whether she likes it or not! haha I'll not have stinky, sticky kids running around. I hate that I have to force her to take one, but I'm not going to let her run around filthy. I'm just waiting for a good opportunity to do it. Wish me luck! :-)

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